Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns feeling

stuck, stagnate and stressed?

This is your chance to break free. Join us for a 3-day Retreat

where you can discover what you've been searching for.

Come to Costa Rica to explore and a Retreat

Release, Rejuvenate, Reflect

Journey to Heart Center

Wellness Retreat


Our retreats are more than just a getaway—

it's a sanctuary for your heart and soul.

Step into the embrace of nature's serenity amidst the lush landscapes of Costa Rica,

where every breath carries the promise of renewal.

$1064 CDN ($775 USD)



Ask us how to curate your own personal Retreat for 2-4 people

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Prices showing are for shared accommodations.

Private rooms are available at an extra cost.

Our Retreats are hosted at the Honey Bee B&B

(see video below)

We are located in Pilas,

10km North of San José airport

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We host 3 different and unique retreat experiences that include

an extension of our Coaching principles;

Intuitive Nutrition

Mental Fitness

Movement Mastery.

Come and find what you've been looking for.

What is Included

Your Accommodations for

2 nights/3 Days

3 Nourishing Meals per day

Snacks & Drinks

Personal Development Workshop

Enhanced Nutrition Workshop

Community Bonding Group chats

Your Retreat may also include some of the following


Fitness / Somatic exercises

(e.g. mobility, boot camp, strength training)

Meditation/Mindful practice

Sound Therapy

Breath work

What is not Included


Shuttles to and from BnB

Alcoholic beverages

Speciality Treatments

Speciality treatments can be booked during free time

some options include:

Massage/Reiki session

Make your own personal:

Pocket Mala or

Beaded bracelet

Dura/Facia Stretch session

Vitamin C/ Meyers Cocktail infusions

Private coaching session.

Welcome to Journey to Heart Center

A soul-nourishing retreat tailored for those who are seeking

solace, serenity, and profound inner peace

amidst the beauty of Costa Rica.

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of tranquility where

you can quiet your mind, rejuvenate your spirit,

and awaken the wisdom of your heart.

Led by experienced Instructors & heart centered guides,

Journey to Heart Center offers a sacred space for you to

delve deep within and rediscover the infinite wellspring of

love and joy that resides within you.

Join us in Pilas, Alajuela Costa Rica for our

3-day transformational Retreats

hosted at the Honey Bee B&B.

Over the course of your 3 transformative days, you will:

  • Engage in a morning practice that honours the wisdom of your body and cultivate a deeper connection with your inner most self.

  • Explore heart-opening meditation techniques and/or mindfulness practices to quiet the chatter of the mind and access a profound sense of inner peace and clarity.

  • Embark on transformative inner journeys through guided visualization, journaling, and soulful reflection, allowing you to release past burdens and embrace the present moment with an open heart.

  • Bask in the healing energy of nature as you soak in the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica's pristine landscapes

Whether you're navigating life transitions, seeking to heal emotional wounds, or simply yearning to reconnect with your authentic self,

Journey to Heart Center offers you

a sacred space to rediscover the beauty,

strength, and resilience that resides within you.

Join us and embark on a transformative odyssey of self-discovery,

healing, and renewal.

Your path to inner peace and heart centered living awaits.

Programming may vary due to weather.

Subject to change based on number of participants.

Four participants minimum required for retreat to run.

if you have a specific private activity in mind, please let us know so we can check your final itinerary.

Our retreats are an intimate experience and space is limited for each event as we want you to walk away feeling rejuvenated and connected.

Reserve your space today.